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The following is a list of development briefs on aid architecture and financing.


What if Development Aid Really Rewarded Results?: Revisiting the Cash on Delivery (COD) Aid Model

Results-based funding discipline is in high political demand today. However, target-driven schemes bring with them measurement, attribution and perverse incentive problems. This development brief explores the potential of a Cash-on-Delivery aid model to overcome these problems and sets out further questions for consideration


The Evolving Development Finance Architecture: A Shortlist of Problems and Opportunities for Action in 2011 (47KB)

The current “architecture” is largely impervious to top-down attempts at restructuring and to bottom-up competitive pressure. Shared norms can nonetheless help, and joint action can reduce information gaps and other sources of market failure.

Development Finance Challenges 2010-2015 (pdf, 458kb)

This paper looks at the DAC’s collective delivery against key global development finance challenges starting with the emerging lessons from the global economic crisis; progress with ODA commitments and claims on ODA, 2010-2015; stocktaking of recent thematic initiatives; post-Copenhagen implications for development finance; mobilising domestic resources; and innovative sources of finance.

Monitoring Report of the DAC HLM Action Plan on Responding to Global Development Challeneges at a Time of Crisis (pdf, 591 kb) 

In response to the financial crisis in 2009, the DAC HLM produce a seven point action plan to ensure that development remained high on the political agenda and to mitigate the impacts of the crisis in partner countries. The report draws on existing monitoring and evaluation information within OECD as well as external monitoring systems and case-studies from DAC Members and Observers, think tanks and other crisis monitoring efforts across the international system

Global Governance for International Development: Who's in charge? (pdf) (pdf, 169kb)

Development Brief

This new development brief outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the complex network of existing institutions in international aid and briefly evaluates the ability of these institutions to meet the challenge of improving aid effectiveness. This development brief argues that efficient management of the aid system and closing “transmission losses” would more than justify better networking efforts among these institutions.







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