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Development Co-operation Report 2015: Making Partnerships Effective Coalitions for Action



With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the question of how to finance, implement and monitor these goals moves to the centre of the debate. Although governments will remain the key actors in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the role of non-state actors such as civil society, foundations and business is growing. Their association through effective partnerships will be key.

The Development Co-operation Report 2015 explores the potential of networks and partnerships to create incentives for responsible action, as well as innovative, fit-for-purpose ways of co-ordinating the activities of diverse stakeholders. The report looks at a number of existing partnerships working in diverse sectors, countries and regions to draw lessons and provide practical guidance, proposing ten success factors for post-2015 partnerships. A number of leading policy makers and politicians share their insights and views.

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DCR 2015: Success factors for effective post-2015 partnerships

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Success factors for effective post-2015 partnerships‌‌

Launch and discussion events

- 4 Sept 2015: Pre-launch presentation at the GPECD Steering Committee meeting in Mexico

- 7 Sept 2015: European launch, OECD, Paris, Read the opening speech by Angel Gurría (watch the video)

- 8 Sept 2015: Presentation and discussion event in Brussels

- 9 Sept 2015: US launch, Brookings Institution, Washington DC, (watch the video)

- 10 Sept 2015: Presentation and discussion event in Luxembourg City

- 11 Sept 2015: Presentation and discussion event in Warsaw




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The Development Co-operation Report (DCR) is issued yearly by the Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. Each edition addresses an important challenge for the international development community and provides practical guidance and recommendations on how to tackle it. Moreover, the DCR reports on the profiles and performance of DAC development co-operation providers and presents DAC statistics on official and private resource flows.

Global development co-operation post-2015: Managing interdependence
The Development Co-operation Report 2015 is the third in a cycle of reports designed to contribute to thinking about the future of development co-operation.
• The DCR 2013: Ending Poverty looks at how to redefine, measure and reduce poverty and inequality.
• The DCR 2014: Mobilising Resources for Sustainable Development provides an overview of resources for financing sustainable development and guidance on how to mobilise them.
• The DCR 2015: Making Partnerships Effective Coalitions for Action looks at how effective partnerships can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.