Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC)

Development Assistance Committee High Level Meeting, 3-4 April 2007


Development Ministers and Heads of Agencies convened at the DAC High Level Meeting on 3-4 April 2007, where the following developmental issues were tabled:

  • Migration and Development and the Role of Development Actors: Political Challenges and Innovative Approaches
  • Governance: State Fragility, Security and Corruption
  • Aid Architecture: United Nations Reform - Implications for Bilateral Donors
  • Political Challenges of the Paris Declaration Agenda
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) Eligibility of Security Related Tasks
  • Procedure for the Selection of the DAC Chair
  • Aid Untying



Mr. Peter Waddell-Wood, Australian Permanent Representative to the DAC (left), Richard Manning, DAC Chair (centre), and Richard Carey, Director of the Development
Co-orporation Directorate (right).




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