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Development Co-operation Report 2019

A Fairer, Greener, Safer Tomorrow

This 57th edition of the Development Co-operation Report is intended to align development co-operation with today's most urgent global priorities, from the rising threat of climate change to the flagging response to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. The report provides OECD members and other development actors with evidence, analysis and examples that will help them to reinvigorate public and political debates at home and build momentum for the global solutions that today's challenges demand. It concludes with a Call to Action for a change in course for development co-operation in the 21st century. The report also includes annual “development co-operation at a glance” data for over 80 providers of development co-operation including members of the OECD, the Development Assistance Committee, other countries and philanthropic foundations. These profiles complement Development Co-operation Profiles 2019 web books.

Published on December 10, 2019Also available in: French

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SUMMARIESavailable in 18 languages

English Development Co-operation Report 2019 (Summary in English)
French Coopération pour le développement 2019
Spanish Informe Cooperación para el Desarrollo 2019
Japanese 開発協力報告書2019
Italian Rapporto 2019 sulla Cooperazione allo sviluppo
Arabic تقرير التعاون في مجال التنمية لسنة 2019
Chinese 2019年发展合作报告
Czech Zpráva o rozvojové spolupráci 2019:
Greek Έκθεση Αναπτυξιακής Συνεργασίας 2019
Hungarian Fejlesztési együttműködés – 2019. évi jelentés
Indonesian Laporan Kerja Sama Pembangunan 2019
Korean 2019년도 개발협력보고서
Norwegian Rapport om utviklingssamarbeid 2019:
Polish Raport o współpracy rozwojowej 2019
Portuguese Relatório da Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento 2019
Russian Доклад о сотрудничестве в целях развития 2019
Slovak Správa o rozvojovej spolupráci za rok 2019


Executive summary
A closer look at a complex development co-operation system (Infographic)
Development co-operation changing course through new words and actions
Development Co-operation Profiles at a Glance
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