DAC global relations

DAC global relations strategy


Objectives, priority partners and instruments

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) engages with development actors beyond the Committee’s membership to improve the relevance and impact of its work. Its objectives in doing this are to:

  • Enrich policy dialogue and knowledge sharing on development co-operation.
  • Ensure that DAC decision-making and dialogue processes are more open and inclusive.
  • Strengthen the DAC’s contribution to a more effective development co-operation architecture.

These objectives are set out in the DAC Global Relations Strategy (pdf), which also identifies priority partners and instruments for the DAC’s engagement.

The priority partners for the DAC’s global relations are:

The DAC’s three instruments for engagement are:

  • Policy dialogue with a view to exchanging experience and promoting mutual understanding on shared international goals and how to achieve them.
  • Collaboration on management and statistics, to share the DAC’s methodologies and guidelines as well as DAC Members’ experience in these areas.
  • Analysis of the development co-operation provided by non‑DAC countries and related issues.

» Download the DAC Global Relations Strategy summary (pdf) l full version in English (pdf) / in French (pdf)

» Progress in implementing the DAC Global Relations Strategy in 2015-2016 (pdf, 364 KB)

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