Conflict, fragility and resilience

Crises and Fragility


Upcoming events


Past events

July 2018

Launch of the States of Fragility 2018 report


March 2018

INCAF High-level panel 'Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations', as part of Fragility Forum 2018: Managing Risks for Peace and Stability, 6 March

INCAF workshop on 'Financing and operationalising collective outcomes' (closed meeting), 8 March


May 2018

INCAF Task Team Meetings, 2-4 May


November 2018

INCAF Director Level Meeting, 19-21 November


November 2017

INCAF Task Team Meeting, DLM (Director Level Meeting) and workshop, 6-8 November


September 2017

Expert Group on Risk and Resilience, 25-26 September


May 2017

INCAF Task Team Meetings and joint Gender Workshop


November 2016

28 November – 1 December, 2nd high level meeting of the global partnership, Nairobi

29 November, INCAF Director Level Meeting, Nairobi

30 November, States of Fragility 2016 launch, Nairobi


September 2016

4-5 September, G20 Leaders Summit, Hangzou,

13-26 September, UNGA United Nations General Assembly, New York

22 September, States of Fragility 2016 high-level panel event, New York


October 2016

7-9 October, World Bank - IMF Meetings fall meetings, Washington

10-11 October, DAC Senior Level Meeting, Paris

27-28 October, Experts Group Meeting on Risk and Resilience, Paris


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