Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC)

Changing behavior in security reform: practical guidance for the field (DACNews Nov-Dec 2005)


Policy without a change in development practice or a change in practitioner behavior at field level, is of limited use. As a result, the DAC Network on Conflict Peace and Development Co-operation is building on its previous policy work to develop more concrete guidance for development practitioners on how to engage in security system reform.

This week, for example the OECD DAC is holding a practitioners workshop on security reform at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre in Accra, Ghana (5-7 December). ‘Towards Developing an Implementation Framework for Security System Reform’ will bring development practitioners and colleagues from the military, intelligence, police, customs, immigration, justice and prisons sectors to take a practical look at security reform on the ground. Most of these people have worked on security sector reform in field missions, and bring to the table experience from Latin America, Asia, the Balkans, Central Asia and Africa.

Over half the participants at the workshop will come from developing countries and institutions that are the subject of on-going reform processes. Participants will examine and identify concrete examples of approaches by practitioners and experts, and begin the process of developing a system-wide implementation framework based upon shared knowledge, hands-on experience, emerging best practices and lessons learned.

Once developed, it is hoped this Implementation Framework on Security System Reform will help guide and co-ordinate, as well as evaluate security sector reform activities in the field.


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