Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC)

Awareness and influence of OECD DAC work - Key findings from web-survey (DACNews Nov-Dec 2005)


Thank you to all of you who took part in the web-survey in October and November 2005 which measured the awareness and influence of OECD DAC work. Over 2000 of you did the survey, and hundreds sent in personally written comments. Here’s a brief summary of what you said……

  • DAC statistics are the most known of DAC ‘products’
  • Top three known DAC themes are: 1. DAC statistics 2. aid effectiveness 3. economic growth and poverty reduction
  • You get most of your advice on development from multilaterals, followed by the OECD
  • Preferred media for advice and tips on development are: 1. email alerts 2. the web site 3. publications
  • 70% of you said you are influenced by OECD DAC work
  • You would like us to produce less, and be more selective in what we do
  • You want  less publications
  • You would prefer less jargon
  • You would like us to improve the accessibility of our work and make it more user-friendly (particularly the web site and DAC statistics)
  • You prefer more up-to-date statistics
  • More practical advice, drawing on work from the field would be helpful. You want less of an academic approach
  • Produce more ‘how to do’ ‘how to assess’ and ‘how to think about’ guides
  • You want more OECD DAC news via email alerts and newsletters
  • They want a more proactive approach to DAC dissemination
  • There are too many networks: the work pressure is enormous
  • More training courses (for example of DAC statistics) would be useful
  • More case studies would be useful.