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DAC Report on Multilateral Aid



DAC Multilateral Report 

The Secretariat has completed and published the fourth flagship DAC Report on Multilateral Aid. The Report brings to light an important finding: the possible start of a downward trend in funding for multilateral aid, which reverses a trend of sustained growth over the past decade. Increased aid scrutiny has led to greater emphasis on – and proliferation of – criteria to measure the performance of these systems. The report shows how multilateral aid contributes to fragmentation and proposes seven guiding principles that can limit the proliferation of multilateral channels, building on the commitments agreed in Busan in 2011 at the Fourth High level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. The results were discussed DAC members’ senior representatives in the context of the Senior Level Donor Meeting on Multilateral Aid Reform in April 2013. The secretariat is currently working on a concept note for the next round of the multilateral aid report. It has also begun the analytical work, looking into both donor and multilateral practices on trust funds.




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