Aid for trade

Experts Workshop on Aid for Trade Implementation, 28-29 March 2011




OECD, Château

(28 March, OECD Auditorium - 29 March, Room E)


28 March 2011 - OECD Auditorium

10:00-10:45  Opening Session

Opening Remark

  • H.E. Mr. Antti Kuosmanen, Ambassador of Finland to the OECD and the UNESCO

Keynote Speaker

  • Professor Anne O. Krueger, John Hopkins University, USA (Speech)

 10:45-13:00  Session I: Identifying the Supply-Side Constraints to Trade


Open Discussion


 15:00-18:00  Session II: Prioritising Reforms & the Role of Complementary Policies

(1) Overview:

Open Discussion


(2) Case studies:

Open Discussion


29 March 2011 - Room E

 10:00-11:45  Session III: Evaluation & Assessment of the Trade Impact of Aid for Trade


Open Discussion


12:00-13:00  Roundtable: How Can We Assess the Trade Impact of Aid for Trade? 


  • Stephen Karingi, UN Economic Commission for Africa
  • Gaël Raballand, World Bank Country Office in Zambia
  • Sheila Page, Overseas Development Institute
  • Liz Turner, Saana Consulting

Open Discussion


Background documents

OECD Papers:


Estimating the Constraints to Developing Countries Trade  (draft 2011)


Aid for Trade: A Meta Evaluation

Aid for Trade: A Meta Evaluation  (draft 2011)


Increasing the Impact of Trade Expansion on Growth: Lessons from Trade Reforms for the Design of Aid for Trade (2010)


Binding Constraints to Trade Expansion: Aid for Trade Objectives and Diagnostics Tools (2009)


Trading Out of Poverty: How Aid for Trade Can Help (2009)



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