Aid for trade

DAC Guidelines on Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development



ISBN: 9789264195042

Publication date: October 2001

 The trade, aid and finance communities are developing more coherent strategies to help developing countries integrate with the global economy. These guidelines provide a common reference point for these efforts. They also show how donors can help developing countries build their capacity for trade.


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Trade capacity building enhances the ability of partner country policy-makers, enterprises and civil society actors to:

  • Collaborate in formulating and implementing a trade development strategy that is embedded in a broader national development strategy.
  • Strengthen trade policy and institutions - as the basis for reforming import regimes, increasing the volume and value-added of exports, diversifying export products and markets and increasing foreign investment to generate jobs and exports.
  • Participate in - and benefit from - the institutions, negotiations and processes that shape national trade policy and the rules and practices of international commerce.



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