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The OECD Policy Dialogue on Aid for Trade takes place on 16-17 January 2013. Here we present background reading, including the three Global Reviews of Aid for Trade.


Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade (2011)


OECD/WTO Aid for Trade at a Glance 2011: Showing Results


Trade for Growth and Poverty Reduction: How Aid for Trade Can Help (2010)


Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum

This report presents the results of the second monitoring exercise of the Aid-for-Trade Initiative and documents its success so far. It examines trends and developments, and presents a comprehensive analysis of donor and partner country engagement. In addition, it addresses the regional dimension of aid for trade, showcasing three cross-border infrastructure projects, and provides country factsheets that help assess the outcomes and impacts of aid for trade.


Launching of the first joint OECD/WTO Aid for Trade at a Glance 2007

This report takes stock of the trends and developments in aid-for-trade flows between 2002 and 2005. It also sets out the OECD/WTO monitoring framework  and provides an overview of a survey sent to donor and partner countries to collectinformation on their aid-for-trade strategies, pledges and delivery.


Trade Related Assistance - What Do Recent Evaluations Tell Us? (Full report) (2007)

This report draws on the key findings and recommendations from available donor evaluation reports, assesses factors that have contributed to the success (or failure) of programmes, and provides guidance for enhancing the effectiveness and impact of future trade-related assistance as a complement to the Doha Development Agenda.


Aid for Trade: Making it Effective (2006)

This report contains the OECD's contribution to WTO consultations with international organisations on appropriate mechanisms to ensure additional financial resources for aid for trade. It addresses 3 main questions: i) How much aid do DAC donors already provide in support of trade? ii) How affective are these assistance programmes? and iii) How can aid for trade work as an effective tool for helping developing countries fully benefit from trade liberalisation and the WTO Agreements?




Estimating the Constraints to Trade of Developing Countries (2011)


Increasing the Impact of Trade Expansion on Growth: Lessons from Trade Reforms for the Design of Aid for Trade  (2010)


Binding Constraints to Trade Expansion: Aid for Trade Objectives and Diagnostics Tools (2009)


Trading Out of Poverty - How Aid for Trade Can Help (2009)


Key Element of Best Practice in Aid for Trade (2008)


Binding Constraints to Trade and the Role of of Aid for Trade (2008)


Monitoring of Aid for Trade: A Background Note (2008)


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