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Agenda of the Aid for Trade Policy Dialogue


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The Aid for Trade Policy Dialogue took place at the OECD Conference Centre on 16 and 17 January 2013.

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The agenda in brief: Day one and Day two

Wednesday 16 January 2013
08:00-09:00 Registration

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD

Keynote address: Karel de Gucht, EU Trade Commissioner

Keynote address: Pascal Lamy, Director General, WTO


 Session 1. How to manage aid for trade and development results

  • What kind of country based results frameworks can track progress and provide mutual accountability?
  • How can progress towards trade and development objectives best be measured?

Moderated by Jon Lomøy, Director, Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD

  Panel discussion(alphabetical order)

Enoch Hemans Cobbinah, Chief Director for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Ghana
- Aid for trade, Vice Minister of Commerce, Colombia
- Clay Forau Soalaoi, Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Solomon Islands
- François Kanimba, Minister of Trade and Industry, Rwanda
- Ghulam Mohammed Quader, Minister of Commerce, Bangladesh
- Cao Viet Sinh, Permanent Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, Vietnam

Followed by plenary discussion.


Session 2. How to identify and prioritise trade-related binding constraints

  • How can the binding constraints to trade expansion, particularly in agricultural goods be best identified?
  • How sould this inform the prioritisation of policy reform in developing countries?
  • What are the essential complementary policies neede to underpin the policy reform and how can aid for trade help?

Moderated by Raed Safadi, Deputy Director, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD

Keynote speaker: Tim Groser, Minister of Trade, Minister of Climate Change Issues and Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand


Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

- Carlos A. Primo Braga, Professor and Director, Evian Group, IMD
- Hans-Peter Egler, Head of Trade Promotion, Economic Co-operation and Development, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland
- Joyce K.G. Mapunjo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing, Tanzania
- Dirk Willem te Velde, Head of Programme, International Economic Development Group, Overseas Development Institute

Followed by plenary discussion


Session 3. How to promote regional aid for trade

  • How to achieve better coherence between national and regional trade-related objectives (i.e. strategies), and
  • How to raise the profile of regional trade-related binding constraints in national development strategies (i.e. diagnostics)
  • How to ensure that regional aid-for-trade strategies are effectively developed and implemented (i.e. implementation)

Moderated by Michael G. Plummer, Johns Hopkins University

Keynote speaker: Gunnar Oom, State Secretary to Minister for Trade, Sweden

Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

Patricia Francis, Executive Director, International Trade Centre
- Stephen P. Groff, Vice-President Operations, Asian Development Bank
- Hani Sonbol, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation
Joaquim Tres, Integration and Trade Lead Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank

Followed by plenary discussion

  18:30               Reception hosted by Gunnar Oom, State Secretary, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thursday 17 January 2013

Keynote Address:
Anabel González, Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica

Keynote address: Joe Costello, Minister of State for Trade and Development, Ireland


Session 4. How to reduce the thickness of borders

  • What matters most for the private sector in reducing the thickness of borders?
  • How should aid for trade programmes align with public and private investment to address these obstacles and lower trade costs?
  • How can the private and public sector best work together? 

Moderated by Simon Maxwell, Senior Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute

Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

- Frank Matsaert, CEO, TradeMark East Africa
- Pradeep S. Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International
- Khemmani Pholsena, Vice Minister of Commerce, Lao PDR
- Joakim Reiter, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Sweden to the WTO

Followed by plenary discussion


 Session 5. How to adapt to changing production patterns

  • What needs to be done to link the private sector in developing countries to value chains?
  • How can aid for trade help?
  • How should different development partners work best together?

Moderated by: Matti Anttonen, Director-General, Department for External Economic Relations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland


Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

- Debapriya Bhattacharya, Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Policy Dialogue and Former Ambassador to WTO and UN Office in Geneva, Bangladesh
- Virginia Brown, Director, Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform, USAID
- Jorge Daccarett Bahna, Executive Director, Chilean International Co-operation Agency
- Sorasak Pan, Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia

Followed by plenary discussion


Session 6. How to engage the private sector

  • What barriers does the private sector face in developing countries?
  • How can international business advance the trade capacity building agenda?
  • How can aid for trade best leverage these activities from international business?

Moderated by Thomas de Man, Chair, BIAC Task Force on Development, Heineken.


Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

- Fiona Bruce, Member of Parliament, Trade Out of Poverty, UK
- Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz, Director, Global Competitiveness Network, World Economic Forum
- Pranav Kumar, Head, Confederation of Indian Industry
- Ajesh Patel, Managing Director, Invesco, Zambia

Followed by plenary discussion.


Session 7. Where next with Aid for Trade?

  • In light of the changing trade and development landscape discussed during the policy dialogues, how can the Aid-for-Trade initiative maintain its success?

Moderated by:
Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director General, Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency
Valentine Rugwabiza, Deputy Director-General, WTO

Panel discussion (alphabetical order)

- Anabel González, Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica
- Simon Maxwell, Senior Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute
- Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Chief Executive Officer, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
- Shree Baboo Chekitan Servansing, Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Republic of Mauritius

Followed by plenary discussion.


Wrap-up Session


Rapporteur: Dirk Willem te Velde, Overseas Development Institute


Concluding remarks