Aid for trade


  • Fifth Global Review of Aid for Trade

    The 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade will be held at WTO, Geneva from 30th June to 2nd July 2015. The theme of this review is “Reducing Trade Costs for Inclusive, Sustainable Growth”. The monitoring exercise based on electronic self-assessments has begun, and questionnaires and further information are now available online.

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  • Regional Perspectives on Aid for Trade

    Regional aid for trade offers great potential as a catalyst for growth, development and poverty reduction. The Regional Perspectives on Aid for Trade report looks at how regional aid for trade can help developing countries spur regional economic integration, enhance competitiveness, and plug into regional production networks.

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  • Evaluation of OECD Contributions to the WTO-led Aid for Trade Initiative

    This independent evaluation assesses the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the OECD's work with relation to the WTO-led Aid for Trade Initiative (AfTI)

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We track aid-for-trade flows and share good practice so that developing countries can capitalise on the opportunities of international trade.

Aid for Trade and
Value Chains

Sector studies

Thumbnail of aid for trade sector study on ICT (2013), Value Chains and ICT

The OECD and the WTO conducted a survey among the private sector to identify the barriers that suppliers in developing countries face in connecting to value chains. Watch the videos and read the studies produced on Agri-food, ICT, Textiles and Apparel, Tourism and, Transport and Logistics


Aid for trade flows
at a glance

Dynamic graphs

Click here for 2011 aid for trade figures.


aid for trade

Logical framework

The OECD and the WTO established an aid-for-trade monitoring framework based on the recommendation by the WTO Task Force on Aid for Trade of establishing accountability mechanisms at national and global levels, which help track progress in the implementation and enhance the credibility of the Aid for Trade Initiative.

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