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2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration

Making Aid More Effective by 2010

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Published on November 17, 2008

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This survey report which presents the results from the second, follow-up survey on monitoring the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, assesses progress in 55 developing countries and helps us understand the challenges in making aid more effective in advancing development. The findings are clear: progress is being made, but not fast enough. Unless they seriously gear up their efforts, developing countries and their external partners will not meet their international commitments and targets for effective aid by 2010. Action is needed now. This report makes three high-level policy recommendations that will help accelerate progress and transform the aid relationship into a full partnership.


Key Findings and Recommandations
Are we Meeting the Targets
Country-Owned Policy Processes and Systems
Alignment of Aid with Country Systems
Aid Harmonisation
Accountability and Development Results
How do Country Situations Differ?
Country Data (one table per indicator)
Donor Data (one table per indicator)
Donor Data (one table per donor)
Survey Questionnaires
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Volume 2 of the 2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration

Detailed analyses for 54 of the 55 countries that undertook the survey are also available. The survey was managed by the national co-ordinator, appointed by the government, in co-operation with the local donor community.

Afghanistan_small‌ Afghanistan* Mauritania_smallMauritania*
Albania_smallAlbania* Moldova, Republic_small Moldova*
Bangladesh_small Bangladesh* Mongolia
Benin_smallBenin* Morocco_small Morocco
Bolivia_smallBolivia* Mozambique_smallMozambique*
Central African Republic_small Burkina Faso* Nepal_small Nepal
Burundi_smallBurundi* Nicaragua_smallNicaragua*
Cambodia_smallCambodia* Niger_small Niger*
Cameroon_smallCameroon Nigeria_small Nigeria
Cape Verde_small Cape Verde* Papua New Guinea_smallPapua New Guinea

Central African Republic_smallRépublique Centrafricaine

Chad_small Chad Philippines_smallPhilippines
Colombia_smallColombia RwandaRwanda*
Democratic Republic of the Congo_smallDemocratic Republic of Congo* Senegal_small Senegal*
Dominican Republic_smallDominican Republic* Sierra Leone_small Sierra Leone
Egypt_smallEgypt* Sudan_small Sudan
Ethiopia_small Ethiopia* Tanzania_smallTanzania*
Gabon_small Gabon Togo_small‌ Togo
Ghana_smallGhana* Ukraine_smallUkraine
Haiti_small Haiti Uganda_small Uganda*
Honduras_small Honduras* Vietnam_small Viet Nam*
Indonesia_small Indonesia Yemen_smallYemen*
Ivory Coast Zambia_small Zambia*
Kenya_small Kenya*  
KosovoPISG Kosovo**  
Kyrgyzstan_small Kyrgyz Republic*  
Lao People's Democratic Republic_smallLao PDR  
Madagascar_small Madagascar  
Malawi_small Malawi*  


* countries in the 2006 Survey

** territory