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Advisory Group for Co-operation with Partner Economies Annual Meeting


Date: 19 February 2019

Location: OECD Headquarters, Paris


Representatives from 33 countries and 6 international and regional organisations, along with delegations from the OECD's Multilateral Tax Centres, met to discuss the OECD's Global Relations Programme (GRP) in taxation, at the 16th meeting of the Advisory Group for Co-operation with Partner Economies.

The meeting took stock of a rapidly changing international tax landscape, new challenges posed by the digitalisation of the economy and the importance of supporting developing countries as they seek to strengthen their capacities in taxation. Tackling tax avoidance and evasion is of particular interest as developing countries seek to mobilise domestic resources, for which the multilateral GRP continues to be a crucial tool. The participants of the meeting shared their experiences of the GRP and discussed the benefits to their administrations.

The Advisory Group discussed the bridging of tradition and technology with the introduction of the blended learning and eLearning approaches into the GRP, and launched the new eLearning project, on the Knowledge Sharing Platform, with four eLearning modules available as of now and further modules to come in 2019.

Participants also reviewed the work done and discussed the future direction of the GRP itself.


Advisory Group for Co-operation with Partner Economies Annual Meeting

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