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  • 7-October-2014


    Comments published on BEPS Action 11 request for input

    On 4 August 2014, interested parties were invited to comment on BEPS Action 11 regarding work on establishing methodologies to collect and analyse data on BEPS and the actions to address it. Comments received have now been published.

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  • 1-October-2014


    OECD issues revised calendar for stakeholder consultation

    Input from relevant stakeholders is essential in order to develop the measures envisaged in the BEPS Action Plan. The timetable for stakeholders’ input is now available on line with the dates when discussion drafts will be published and public consultations held in relation to the 2015 BEPS outputs.

  • 30-September-2014


    Under-taxing drivers is bad for environment and health, OECD says

    Advanced economies are pushing up carbon emissions, traffic congestion and air pollution by under-taxing company cars and diesel fuel, according to new OECD research.

  • 26-September-2014


    Developed and developing countries gather at the OECD to tackle BEPS

    Almost 300 senior tax officials from more than 100 countries and international organisations met in Paris on 25-26 September 2014 during the 19th Annual Global Forum on Tax Treaties to discuss solutions to unintended double non-taxation caused by base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).

  • 22-September-2014


    OECD and G20 pursue efforts to curb multinational tax avoidance and offshore tax evasion in developing countries

    The OECD has been mandated by the G20 to develop toolkits to support developing countries addressing base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) and to launch pilot tests to assist them to move towards automatic exchange of information.

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  • 12-September-2014


    A strategic perspective on the prevention, detection and investigation of international tax crime

    Heads of tax crime investigation in 44 countries, as well as the Financial Action Task Force and World Customs Organisation, have come together this week at Europol Headquarters in the Hague for the second meeting of the OECD Forum of Heads of Tax Crime Investigation.

  • 4-August-2014


    OECD releases public request for input on BEPS Action 11

    Public comments are invited on request for input on BEPS Action 11 regarding work on establishing methodologies to collect and analyse data on BEPS and the actions to address it.

  • 1-August-2014

    English, PDF, 1,026kb

    Part 1 of a report to G20 Development Working Group on the impact of BEPS in Low Income Countries

    At the G20’s request, the OECD is leading the development of a strategy to address base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS). The Development Working Group has asked the OECD to draw together the experiences of developing countries and international organisations in a report on the main sources of BEPS in developing countries and how these relate to the OECD/G20 BEPS Action Plan on this issue.

  • 16-July-2014


    OECD approves the 2014 update to the OECD Model Tax Convention

    The OECD Council approved yesterday the contents of the 2014 update to the OECD Model Tax Convention. The update will be incorporated in a revised version of the Model Tax Convention that will be published in the next few months.

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  • 15-July-2014


    The Diesel Differential: Differences in the tax treatment of gasoline and diesel for road use

    Diesel and gasoline account for around 95% of energy used for road transport in the OECD and for the largest share of revenue from taxes on energy. In 33 out of 34 OECD countries, diesel fuel is taxed at lower rates than gasoline both in terms of energy and carbon content.

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