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Managing Service Demand: A Practical Guide to Help Revenue Bodies Better meet Taxpayers’ Service Expectations


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A study conducted by the Forum’s Taxpayer Services Sub-group in 2012 found that many revenue bodies were experiencing difficulties in effectively managing taxpayer service demand. In particular, internal governance processes for managing demand were often not well developed while the methodologies being deployed for measuring and understanding the drivers of demand were typically costly, time-consuming, labour intensive and, most importantly, not effective for determining the root causes of demand. In light of these findings, the Forum’s Bureau decided that further work should be undertaken to provide practical guidance to revenue bodies on these matters.

This note provides guidance on a whole-of-revenue body approach for managing service demand effectively. It sets out a possible ‘model’ for governance arrangements based on leading revenue body practice. It also sets out practical steps in the form of a step-by-step framework to support revenue bodies in their efforts to better identify, analyse and address the causes of service demand, and includes a number of case studies from various revenue bodies to illustrate particular approaches and their impacts.


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17/05/2013 - Tax Commissioners unite to fight tax fraud


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Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: Managing service demand
Chapter 3: Managing service demand across a revenue body
Chapter 4: A framework for managing demand
Chapter 5: Case Studies

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