OECD Joint Learning Study: Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement in Yemen


In 2006, the Government of Yemen launched the National Reform Agenda (NRA), a set of ambitious reform measures promoting good governance prioritising in combating corruption.  A key component of this is bringing procurement up to international standards.  Yemen implemented promising measures to increase transparency throughout the procurement cycle.


The Government of Yemen does not have a clear communication plan to disseminate targeted messages on the procurement reforms. Designing and implementing such a plan would be important on a national level to create awareness and understanding of the reforms. In addition, communicating these messages at the international level would give recognition to Yemen’s achievements in moving towards a modern state.

Based on its findings and analyses, the Joint Learning Study (JLS) identified the following proposals for action to enhance integrity and transparency in public procurement in Yemen:

  • Strengthen the capacity of the key national oversight institutions;
  • Provide greater transparency and accessibility to decisions about public procurement;
  • Build a mutually beneficial partnership between government and the private sector;
  • Link procurement planning to the national budget and Public Investment Program processes.


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