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OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Viet Nam 2018

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Published on November 28, 2018

This review uses the OECD Policy Framework for Investment to present an assessment of the investment climate in Viet Nam and to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the government of Viet Nam in its reform efforts. It includes chapters on foreign investment trends and performance, the entry and operations of foreign investors, the legal framework for investment, corporate governance and competition policy, tax reforms, investment promotion and facilitation, infrastructure connectivity, investment framework for green growth and policies to promote and enable responsible business conduct.


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations for Viet Nam
Foreign investment trends and performance
Foreign investor entry and operations in Viet Nam
The legal framework for investment in Viet Nam
Corporate governance and competition policy in Viet Nam
Tax reforms in Viet Nam
Investment promotion and facilitation in Viet Nam
Infrastructure connectivity in Viet Nam
Investment policy framework for green growth in Viet Nam
Policies to promote and enable responsible business conduct in Viet Nam
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