Ukraine anti-corruption project


In November 2014 in line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the OECD and Ukraine, the OECD launched a country-specific project to support Ukraine in its anti-corruption agenda. The project aims to strengthen legal and institutional capacity to effectively detect, investigate and prosecute high-profile and complex corruption in Ukraine. Specifically:

  • to provide tailor-made assistance to the Ukrainian authorities for the establishing of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau
  • to provide capacity building assistance to the specialised unit within the General Prosecutor’s Office that will work with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to ensure effective detection and investigation of corruption cases
  • to develop a joint training programme on selected aspects of detection, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of complex corruption cases, including financial investigations, for law enforcement and judicial bodies
  • to help guide Ukraine towards a closer compliance with OECD standards on foreign bribery with the focus on liability of legal persons for corruption offences, confiscation, international cooperation and asset recovery.

Expert workshop on liability of legal persons for corruption offences: Enforcement practices, challenges and solutions

23 June 2015 - Buzova, Ukraine

Liability of legal persons for corruption offences has been identified as one of the most challenging concepts for Ukraine’s law enforcement to implement. In response, a review of the current legislative framework and development of guidelines on practical enforcement is being undertaken as part of the OECD Anti-Corruption Project for Ukraine. The launch workshop brought together Ukrainian criminal justice practitioners, including investigators, prosecutors and judges. Participants discussed challenges and obstacles, identified solutions to overcome them and developed an informal “action plan” to help Ukrainian criminal justice practitioners effectively apply current legislation.

Ukraine in the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan

Ukraine participates in Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan, a sub-regional peer review programme which supports anti-corruption reforms through country reviews and continuous monitoring of implementation of recommendations:

Third round monitoring report, 2015 English | Russian

Second round monitoring report, 2010 English | Russian

First round monitoring report, 2006 English | Russian

Recommendations, 2004 English | Russian | Ukrainian

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