Serbia and Montenegro (pre-June 2006)

Teacher Training Seminar for the OECD project on "Disabled and at Risk Students in South Eastern Europe"


The seminar was part of the project on "Education Development for Disabled and At-risk Students in South-East Europe", which aims to improve the current situation of special needs education in close co-operation with nine ministries of education in South-East Europe. It was co-organised and co-funded by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the OECD.

The seminar was a follow up to a meeting of headmasters and teachers, which was held in Zagreb in June 2005. The general direction and contents were agreed upon during a meeting of project administrators in Paris in December 2005. The Jerusalem meeting aimed to continue discussions on the issue of inclusive education, emphasising the development of individual education programmes and the introduction of instruments for monitoring the progress of students in classrooms. The seminar also took stock of progress made so far with already established model schools and pilot activities in the field of teacher training. It also identified teacher training-related components for the overall work programme for 2006/07.

Secondly, the meeting provided opportunities for exchanging views and information with participants from Israel: local teachers, experts and Ministry representatives will be directly involved in the programme. The seminar activities were complemented by a study visit to Israeli institutions dealing with special needs education.

Thirdly, the gathering in Jerusalem served as a co-ordination meeting of project administrators and discussed ideas for further disseminating the results and recommendations of the OECD reviews of Education Policies for Students at Risk and those with Disabilities in South Eastern Europe, which were published in March 2006. This discussion addressed activities such as the translation of reviews into local languages and other dissemination activities.

Finally, all project administrators from South Eastern Europe presented the current status of micro projects on statistics and data gathering and, together with representatives from the OECD, decided upon a mid-term plan and timeline for 2006/07.

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