Serbia and Montenegro (pre-June 2006)

Micro-projects on Statistics and Data Gathering (SENDDD)


As part of the OECD project on "Education Development for Disabled and at Risk Students in South Eastern Europe", education ministries in South Eastern Europe have been invited to participate in activities to address capacity building in the field of statistics and data gathering. Country-specific micro-projects will be implemented in 2006/2007.

The project idea goes back to a proposal by country representatives and statisticians which was raised during a workshop on statistics and data gathering organised by OECD in 2005. It takes into account key recommendations of a series of policy reports on "Education Development for Disabled and at Risk Students in South Eastern Europe", which clearly delineate the paucity of information on students with special education needs and the limited nature of available data. Ministries of education from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia & Montenegro (including Kosovo) and Romania participated in these reviews.

The envisaged micro-projects will (1) support capacity building for data gathering on an institutional level (ministries, agencies, universities, schools) and (2) develop a methodological basis for mid- and long-term projects improving the quality and quantity of data gathering.

Activities include (1) training workshops for local data gathering - logistics, instruction material and questionnaires; (2) activities to intensify working relations with other ministries / institutions including planning and co-ordinating meetings and (3) related studies and analysis.




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