Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


The OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) ensure the generation of high quality and reliable test data related to the safety of industrial chemical substances and preparations. The principles have been created in the context of harmonising testing procedures for the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD).

What's New

  • March 2017: New Frequently Asked Questions.  This webpage gives information about a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) raised by testing laboratories about implementation of GLP, along with responses prepared by the OECD Working Group on GLP.  This webpage, which was launched in 2014, has now been updated two times.  The latest FAQs added to the site concern Validation of Software Programmes which Support OECD Test Guidelines, and Peer Review of Histopathology.



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Guidance Documents for GLP and Compliance Monitoring



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