Côte d'Ivoire

  • 11-May-2008


    African Economic Outlook 2008

    The 2008 African Economic Outlook focuses on Technical Skills Development. It also presents a comprehensive analysis of the economic, social and political developments on the continent.

  • 3-January-2008


    Aid for Trade: Donor & Partner Country Profiles

    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2007: The OECD Creditor Reporting System (CRS) database is used to track ODA flows from Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member countries.

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  • 12-May-2007


    African Economic Outlook 2007

    The 31 countries examined in this sixth edition of the African Economic Outlook account for some 86 per cent of Africa’s population and 91 per cent of itseconomic output.

  • 11-May-2007

    English, , 892kb

    AEO 2007 - Cote d'Ivoire country study

    DESPITE THE POLITICAL CRISIS, ongoing since 2002, Côte d’Ivoire’s economy nonetheless registered growth estimated at 1.2 per cent in 2006. This slowdown resulted from delays in the start of reconstruction works, themselves incurred by delays in the peace process and an ongoing climate of insecur

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  • 18-May-2005

    English, , 301kb

    Invitation to bid - Country Programme Evaluation in Cote d'Ivoire

    Invitation to bid - Country Programme Evaluation in Cote d'Ivoire. Please note that this is a francophone project and proposals should be submitted in French only.

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  • 3-March-2003

    English, , 451kb

    African Economic Outlook 2002/03 - Country Studies: Côte d'Ivoire

    Country Study of Côte d'Ivoire

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  • 31-January-2002

    English, , 461kb

  • 30-January-2002


    African Economic Outlook - 2001/2002

    The African Economic Outlook project aims to provide valuable information on economic and social development progress in Africa, as well as on short-term prospects (up to 2002 for the 2001 report). It combines the knowledge and expertise accumula...

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