Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


The OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) ensure the generation of high quality and reliable test data related to the safety of industrial chemical substances and preparations. The principles have been created in the context of harmonising testing procedures for the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD).

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Guidance Documents for GLP and Compliance Monitoring



Expansion of Brazil’s scope under OECD agreement on mutual acceptance of chemical safety data (16 February 2015)

In March, 2011, Brazil joined the OECD system for the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) in the Assessment of Chemicals, ensuring that its non-clinical safety data related to the protection of human health and the environment will be accepted by all 40 countries adhering to MAD.  The MAD system – a multilateral agreement - allows participating countries to share the results of various non-clinical safety tests done on chemicals and chemical products. This collaboration saves governments and chemical producers around €150 million annually.  When it joined, the scope of Brazil’s compliance monitoring programme was limited to non-clinical environment and health safety data developed on Brazil on pesticides, biocides and industrial chemicals


Brazil’s scope, under MAD, has now been expanded to include: veterinary products, feed additives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, sanitizers, wood preservative products and treatments of effluents and natural ecosystems


OECD Guidance on the GLP Requirements for Peer Review of Histopathology (26 September 2014)
This advisory document provides guidance on how pathology peer reviews should be planned, conducted and reported within the context of OECD Good Laboratory Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): new webpage (15 July 2014)
This webpage gives information about a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) raised by testing laboratories about implementation of GLP, along with responses prepared by the Working Group on GLP. This current version concerns questions about Quality Assurance, and the FAQ document will be amended, from time-to-time, to include new questions and answers.

Malaysia joins OECD agreement on mutual acceptance of chemical safety data (10 April 2013)


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