Afghanistan Reconstruction and Recovery, Experts Meeting, 2-3 May 2002


25/04/2002 - The OECD will host a meeting with experts on Afghanistan and with donor agencies to provide independent advice to help those working most closely on the reconstruction and recovery efforts to rebuild the country.

A news conference outlining the results of the meeting will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Friday 3 May at OECD headquarters. Speakers will include: Muhammad Amin Farhang, Minister of Reconstruction in the Afghan Interim Administration; Robert Oakley, whose assignments have included U.S. Special Envoy for Somalia and Ambassadorships to a number of countries, including Pakistan; Mr. Jean-Claude Faure, Chairman of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC); and Michael Roeskau, Director of the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate.

In Afghanistan, security is precarious and peace incomplete. Zones of violent conflict surround fragile pockets of everyday life. Continued commitment of the international community to assisting in building peace and stability and meeting the needs of the Afghan people must be co-ordinated, long term, sustained, and sensible. It is essential for donor nations and Afghans to be able to benefit from the painful lessons learned in other conflict areas.

This meeting will provide some useful independent advice by discussing openly the complex, fundamental issues underpinning reconstruction and relief strategies. Participants will delve into questions of governance and security, capacity building in government and civil society, and the regional dynamics, such as the role of the war economy. The meeting will bring together independent experts on conflict prevention, reconstruction, and Afghanistan, along with senior policy makers and senior operational planners from multilateral and bilateral aid agencies and from the Interim Administration of Afghanistan.

To attend the news conference, journalists should contact Helen Fisher, OECD's Media Relations Division (tel. 33 1 45 24 80 97).


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