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Integrity and the crisis: How to earn back the trust of young people?


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Joint Conference by Transparency International and the OECD

9 December 2013

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11:30 - 17:15

OECD Conference Centre, Paris



There has been a lot of talk about the loss of trust since the global financial, economic and social crisis unravelled. Mistrust is in part derived from perceptions of corporate greed, corruption and bad management in the lead up to the crisis, but governments are blamed too, both for failing to prevent the crisis from happening, and also for their slow progress in presenting solutions to issues such as high unemployment and rising inequality. According to the Gallup World Poll, the average confidence in national governments in OECD countries stood at 40% in 2012, down from 45% in 2007. This loss of trust in the system is especially true for young people who feel their voices are not being heard and fear their future is being jeopardised.


How can we earn back the trust of young people? Improving openness, transparency, accountability, and access to information is essential. On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day and Transparency International’s 20th Anniversary, the OECD and Transparency International are inviting young people for a discussion about how to push the integrity agenda forward together.


The conference is organised with and for young people as well as representatives from civil society, trade unions, business, governments and parliaments.


With the participation of Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director of Transparency International, and Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD. Read the introductory remarks by Angel Gurría.


Agenda – Read the draft agenda.

Venue – The conference will be held at the OECD Conference Centre, 2 rue André-Pascal, 75016 Paris, France. Further information about this venue, including maps, directions and hotels in the area, is available on the Conference Centre website.

Registration –Space is limited. If you are interested in attending, please contact

Language – Simultaneous interpretation in English and French will be available.

Contact – For any questions concerning the conference, please contact


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