Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Coalition of Influencers on Integrity in Public Decision-Making


Like a game of snakes and ladders, some interests can gain considerable influence on public policy-making processes, whilst others lose out. This has inevitable impacts on the outcome of public policies and people’s lives. 

The Coalition welcomes stakeholders from government, business, academia and civil society working on integrity in decision-making related issues. It is designed to serve as an inclusive and non-discriminatory platform to constructively examine the tools and effects of vested interests’ influence on public policy.


Snake & ladders

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Meetings of the Coalition

Next meeting in March 2020 - More information coming soon.



Influence in Facts

The Database of Influence cases is a collection of studies on different policy areas exploring the influence of particular interests in the public decision-making process and their impact on public policies and people’s lives.


  • Consult the Database (forthcoming)

Contribute to the case study database

The OECD collects cases of influence practices of vested interests on the decision-making process to populate the database.


INFLUENCE by influencers - THE BLOG


The Influence by Influencers blog series is a platform where coalition members have the opportunity to present a concise analysis of a topic or the latest findings of their work. The objective is to inform all members of recent work and developments in the field of integrity in public-decision-making.

DISCLAIMER: All articles express the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of OECD member countries. Blogs respect the Coalition’s objectives of neutrality and inclusivity.

  • Forthcoming

We invite you to submit a blog (max 1200 words) on influence in public decision-making to be featured in our “Influence by influencers” Blogs section. Blogs can cover the following areas:

►    Influence practices and cases;

►    Responsible influence good practices;

►    Solutions to ensure integrity in public decision-making.

Please send your proposal to    





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