Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector


OECD Public Integrity Handbook

Resilient governance needs integrity - but how does it work in practice? The OECD Public Integrity Handbook answers this and many other questions in real life terms.


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OECD Public Integrity Maturity Models

Good public policies need strong integrity systems. Do you know where your public integrity system stands in relation to good practice? Find out today with the interactive OECD Public Integrity Maturity Models tool.


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Countering Fraud in Social Benefit Programmes

Social welfare expenditure represents 20-30% of overall government spending in many OECD countries. Failing to counter fraud and error in social benefit programmes can undermine public trust and programme effectiveness. What can governments do?


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Public Integrity for an Effective COVID-19 Response and Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis creates opportunities for many integrity violations, particularly in public procurement, economic stimulus packages and public organisations, undermining government action. How can these risks be addressed?


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This Forum is the premium annual public event on integrity and anti-corruption worldwide.

OECD Standards

Our work on public integrity is based on the 2017 OECD Recommendation on public integrity.

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