Bribery and corruption

Committing to Effective Whistleblower Protection

Published on March 16, 2016


Whistleblower protection is essential for safeguarding the public interest, for promoting a culture of accountability and integrity in both public and private institutions, and for encouraging the reporting of misconduct, fraud and corruption wherever it occurs. While many countries are increasingly developing legal frameworks to protect whistleblowers, more can be done to mainstream integrity and promote open organisational cultures. This report analyses whistleblower protection frameworks in OECD countries, identifies areas for reform and proposes next steps to strengthen effective and comprehensive whistleblower protection laws in both the public and private sectors.

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Whistleblower protection at the OECD Anti-Bribery Ministerial Meeting

Debates at the ministerial meeting on 16 March 2016  addressed empowering whistleblowers and facilitating voluntary disclosure


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