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  • 8-February-2012


    CleanGovBiz - A new push on corruption

    The OECD's CleanGovBiz Initiative supports governments, business and civil society in their efforts to build integrity and fight corruption across the board.

  • 7-February-2012


    Fighting corruption, boosting integrity

    Why has your street been full of potholes for five years, while the next block along where the mayor lives is resurfaced every year? How come your children are on the waiting list for the best local school, while your teacher neighbour’s were admitted immediately? Who pays the price of corruption?

  • 29-November-2011


    Bribery: OECD invites Colombia to join Anti-Bribery Convention

    The OECD today invited Colombia to join its Working Group on Bribery and to accede to the Anti-Bribery Convention. OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher signed an exchange of letters with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

  • 28-November-2011


    Proceeds from bribery can - and must- be accurately calculated in order to impose appropriate penalties, finds a joint OECD/StAR Study

    To help governments meet this challenge, the OECD and the World Bank/UNODC Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR) released today a new study on the Identification and Quantification of the Proceeds of Bribery.

  • 25-November-2011

    English, PDF, 1,544kb

    G20 Study on Whistleblower Protection Frameworks, Compendium of Best Practices and Guiding Principles for Legislation

    Prepared by the OECD for the G20, this study describes the main features of whistleblower protection frameworks currently in place in G20 countries and provides guiding principles and best practices to support the implementation of the G20 commitment to strengthen the protection of whistleblowers.

  • 2-November-2011


    OECD Principles for Managing Ethics in the Public Service

    The OECD Principles for Managing Ethics in the Public Service provide guidance to policy makers to review their integrity management systems (instruments, processes and actors).

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  • 19-October-2011


    La OCDE reconoce el avance alcanzado por México y recomienda dar mayor prioridad al combate del cohecho internacional

    Un nuevo informe de la OCDE señala que México ha logrado avances, pero necesita dar mayor prioridad a la persecución del cohecho y garantizar que sus autoridades de procuración de justicia cuenten con todas las capacidades y recursos necesarios

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  • 19-October-2011


    Korea making notable progress on fighting foreign bribery; further improvements needed, says OECD

    Korea has improved its information and intelligence gathering capacity in foreign bribery cases, but should be more proactive in investigating allegations, according to a new OECD report.

  • 19-October-2011


    The OECD acknowledges progress made, and says Mexico should further prioritise fighting foreign bribery

    Mexico has improved, but needs to give greater priority to the criminal enforcement of bribery and ensure that its criminal law enforcement authorities have all the resources and expertise they need to seriously investigate all allegations, according to a new OECD report.

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  • 7-October-2011


    A question of trust

    How can you be sure the toy you buy your child as a birthday present is safe? That your money is safe in the bank? That the tax you pay is not going to waste? The answer is essentially trust – but what happens when that trust breaks down, and how can you rebuild it?

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