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  • 19-October-2011


    The OECD acknowledges progress made, and says Mexico should further prioritise fighting foreign bribery

    Mexico has improved, but needs to give greater priority to the criminal enforcement of bribery and ensure that its criminal law enforcement authorities have all the resources and expertise they need to seriously investigate all allegations, according to a new OECD report.

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  • 13-October-2011


    Consultation on the challenge of multijurisdictional anti-bribery enforcement

    This Working Group on Bribery consultation with the private sector and civil society will focus on considerations that should be taken into account when performing international business transactions that are subject to anti-bribery legislation in multiple jurisdictions.

  • 30-June-2011


    Corruption: Luxembourg must implement without delay its legislation against the bribery of foreign public officials, says OECD

    Luxembourg must step up its efforts to detect and prosecute cases of bribery of foreign public officials, particularly now that its legal framework has been strengthened, in compliance with the Anti-Bribery Convention

  • 30-June-2011


    Corruption : OECD recognises Norway’s commitment to the fight against foreign bribery and recommends further improvements

    Norway has made significant progress in its efforts against the bribery of foreign public officials in recent years, according to a new OECD report. But more could be done to strengthen enforcement, including by focusing on the confiscation from companies of the proceeds of bribery.

  • 24-June-2011


    The Fight against Foreign Bribery: New Laws, New Challenges, New Trends

    Combating bribery and corruption has become a top global priority, and it is central to our mission. We need to enhance our anti-corruption efforts, strengthen their coherence and improve cooperation with other important actors, like the legal profession practitioners, said Angel Gurría.

  • 9-June-2011


    Corruption: Quick and measurable action needed to tackle bribery and corruption in the Arab region, says OECD and UNDP

    Governments in the Arab region should quickly step up their efforts to tackle bribery and corruption in order to boost job creation, improve living standards through achieving the MDGs and promote trust in government.

  • 25-May-2011


    OECD invites Russia to join Anti-Bribery Convention

    The OECD will today invite the Russian Federation to join the OECD’s Working Group on Bribery and to accede to the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention. Secretary-General Angel Gurría will sign an exchange of letters with First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrey Denisov, and Russia’s Minister for Economic Development, Elvira Nabiullina, at a ceremony during the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.

  • 10-May-2011


    KPK-OECD Conference on Combating Foreign Bribery in International Business Transactions

    Taking place in Indonesia, this international conference will focus on bribery in international business, specifically raising awareness of the risks foreign bribery poses to governments, businesses and individuals; reviewing legal frameworks for fighting foreign bribery; sharing of experiences and best practices in the fight against corruption; and fostering greater international co-operation in this area.

  • 5-May-2011


    OECD welcomes Russia introducing law to make foreign bribery a crime

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría welcomed the recent signing into law by Russian President Dimitri Medvedev of legislation that criminalises foreign bribery, with monetary sanctions for companies and individuals who bribe foreign public officials.

  • 28-April-2011


    Joining Forces Against Corruption: G20 Business & Government (Closing remarks)

    Mr. Gurría welcomed the G20's strong political will to fight against corruption and underlined the OECD's anti-corruption global standards on bribery, public procurement, export credits, aid and tax heavens.

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