Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan country reports

This page provides access to the monitoring and progress reports of countries participating in the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan.


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Anti-corruption reforms in Mongolia: Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan Round 3 Monitoring Report, 2014

The Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan reviews the legal and institutional frameworks for fighting corruption, makes recommendations and monitors progress in implementing the recommendations. This report contains the results of round 3 monitoring in Mongolia.

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Azerbaijan should be more proactive against corruption

Azerbaijan must do more to enforce recently introduced anti-corruption laws and to ensure law enforcement has the resources to prosecute complex corruption crimes, says a new OECD report.



Georgia should strengthen civil service and independent judiciary to build on anti-corruption progress

Georgia has achieved significant progress in reducing corruption over the past decade. To build on this progress, the Government should focus on strengthening its professional civil service and ensure independence of the judiciary, according to a new OECD report.



Anti-corruption Reforms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have introduced important anti-corruption reforms in recent years. However, corruption in the region remains high. This report identifies progress achieved as well as challenges which require further action by countries.



Specialised Anti-Corruption Institutions - Review of Models

This report provides a comparative overview of common standards and key features of specialised anti-corruption institutions and comprehensive descriptions of 19 anti-corruption institutions operating in different parts of the world, presented in a comparable framework.



2012 Anti-Corruption Network High Level Meeting and 14th Steering Group Meeting

Paris, 10-11 December 2012. Participants at this meeting focused on anti-corruption policies, criminal legislation reforms, corruption in public administration and dialogue with the business sector.



Expert seminar on the investigation and prosecution of corruption

An expert seminar, "Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption: Bribery, Illicit Enrichment and Liability of Legal Persons", was held in Batumi, Georgia, from 25-26 September 2012.


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Agenda for the 11th Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan Meeting, 13th ACN Steering Group Meeting (22-24 February 2012, OECD Headquarters) [RUSSIAN]

The meetings of the Anti-corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia took place on 22-24 February 2012 at the OECD headquarters in Paris.



Anti-corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia meetings held in Paris, on 22-24 February 2012

The meetings of the Anti-corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia took place on 22-24 February 2012 at the OECD headquarters in Paris.

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