The main focus of the ACN Work Programme is to exchange experiences and evaluate progress achieved by the participating countries and to introduce good practices for the successful implementation of anti-corruption policies. 

General Meetings

ACN General Meetings aim to provide a forum to discuss key common issues in the fight against corruption for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, allowing an open discussion among governments, civil society, donors, international organisations and other partners. The 7th General Meeting was held in Tbilisi, Georgia from 25-27 June 2008.  The international conference “Creating Conditions for Sustainable Economic and Social Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Fighting Corruption and Promoting Good Governance” was held in Astana, Kazakhstan from 16-18 September 2009 and was hosted by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Economic and Corruption Crime. 

Thematic country studies and expert seminars

In 2005 the ACN Secretariat implemented a project to support the reform of the law-enforcement system and the strengthening of specialised services for combating corruption in Ukraine. The project is funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. In 2005-2006 the project was implemented jointly with the ABA CEELI and its main outputs included a study of the European and international models of anti-corruption agencies (“Specialised Anti-Corruption Institutions: Review of Models”), as well as studies of the Ukrainian and European Union law-enforcement systems. Since 2007 the project has evolved into the next stage now termed “Strengthening Capacity for Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption in Ukraine”.

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Sub-regional and country specific initiatives

  • Sub-regional initiatives began with The Baltic Anti-Corruption Initiative for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2001 – 2003.
  • The Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova and Romania in 2000 – 2004, currently renamed the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative.
  • The Istanbul Action Plan for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan is the focal sub-regional initiative of the Anti-Corruption Network since 2004.

All Country Reports and Progress Reports Updates can be accessed 

In Ukraine during 2005-2012, the ACN Secretariat implemented several projects to support law-enforcement reform, strengthening of anti-corruption services and capacity for investigation and prosecution of corruption. These projects were funded by the United States. 

ACN implements anti-corruption projects for Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova (GUAM), which aim to strengthen capacity for effective investigation and prosecution of pcorruption, inlcuding training and development of analytical and methodological tools on detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption. 

Publications of Ukraine and GUAM projects:

  • Mutual Legal Assistance and other forms of co-operation between Law Enforcement Agencies (English, Russian)
  • Manual on Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption Offences (EnglishRussian)

  • Working Paper - "Anti-Corruption Specialisation of Prosecutors in Selected European Countries".