Thematic Cross-Country Studies

Specialised Anti-Corruption Institutions - Review of models
, 2013

Mutual Legal Assistance and other forms of co-operation between Law Enforcement Agencies, 2013, English | Russian

Ethics Training for Public Officials, 2013, English | Russian

Manual on Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption Offences, 2012, English | Russian

Anti-corruption Specialisation of Prosecutors in Selected European Countries, 2011

Asset Declarations for Public Officials: A Tool to Prevent Corruption, 2011

Corruption: Glossary of International Criminal Standards, 2008

Criminalisation of Corruption, 2007, English | Russian

Assessing Trends in Corruption and Impact of Anti-Corruption Measures, 2005, English | Russian 


Baltic Anti-Corruption Initiative (BACI)

Baltic Anti-Corruption Initiative (BACI) status reports, 2002: Estonia | Latvia | Lithuania

Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative (SPAI)

Anti-Corruption Measures in South Eastern Europe: Country Reviews and Priorities for Reform, Council of Europe, 2001 (SPAI General Assessment reports for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro), and Romania)

SPAI General Assessment Report for Moldova, OECD, 2002

SPAI General Assessment Report for Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro), OECD, 2002

Anti-Corruption Measures in South Eastern Europe: Civil Society’s Involvement, 2002
International Cooperation to Fight Corruption in South Eastern Europe, 2005 (Scoping paper, prepared by the Basel Institute on Governance for the Anti-Corruption Network)