Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia 3rd Monitoring Meeting


Paris, France 13-14 December 2004

The Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia held its 3rd Monitoring Meeting under the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan. The meeting discussed national actions to implement the recommendations by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Ukraine. Following presentations by the national delegations, selected review experts, who participated in the reviews of specific countries, were invited to provide their expert opinion about progress achieved since the endorsement of the recommendations. Participants also discussed and endorsed the assessment and recommendations for strengthening the legal and institutional framework for fighting corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Meeting Documents

Armenia - Monitoring Report (English / Russian)
Azerbaijan - Monitoring Report (English / Russian)
Tajikistan - Monitoring Report (English / Russian)
Ukraine - Monitoring Report (English / Russian)
Kyrgyz Republic - Recommendations (English / Russian)

OECD contact

For questions regarding anti-corruption activities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, please contact:

Ms. Olga Savran, OECD Anti-Corruption Division, Paris [e-mail:]



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