• 4-September-2009

    English, , 4,521kb

    Guide on Fighting Abusive Related Party Transactions in Asia

    Abusive related party transactions – where a party in control of a company enters into a transaction to the detriment of non controlling shareholders – are one of the biggest corporate governance challenges facing the Asian business landscape. This publication provides options for monitoring and curbing such abusive related party transactions, focusing on disclosure and the board/shareholders approval system. It also looks into the

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  • 28-July-2009

    English, , 598kb

    Corporate governance of insurers - IAIS-OECD issues paper

    This paper provides background on insurer corporate governance, describes practices and identifies possible regulatory and supervisory issues. It was developed jointly by the OECD and the IAIS.

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  • 18-June-2009

    English, , 276kb

    Private Pensions and Policy Responses to the Crisis

    This report describes why occupational pensions play a major role in OECD countries and worldwide, complementing retirement income from state sources. Their financial importance is highlighted by the volume of assets they manage on behalf of plan members, USD 22 trillion at the end of 2008. Population ageing has also led many OECD countries to undertake a wide range of pension reforms – the overall effect of which has been to reduce

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  • 16-June-2009

    English, , 471kb

    Corporate Governance and the Financial Crisis: Key Findings and Main Messages

    This report aims to further advance the action plan on corporate governance and the financial crisis. Following an analysis of major corporate governance weaknesses using the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance.It provides a set of key findings and main messages These findings will provide the basis for a set of recommendations to be issued towards the end of 2009.

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  • 15-June-2009

    English, , 405kb

    The Role of Stock Exchanges in Corporate Governance

    The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of the changing ownership of stock exchanges on the corporate governance of listed companies.

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  • 28-May-2009


    Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs & Clean Growth

    List of publications for Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs & Clean Growth

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  • 19-May-2009


    Online public consultation on corporate governance and the financial crisis

    The OECD is undertaking a review of the role of corporate governance in the financial crisis, focusing on monitoring, implementation and enforcement of standards and codes, as well as specific areas for improvement. An important part of this programme is to engage and seek advice from key stakeholders.

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  • 30-April-2009

    English, , 1,229kb

    Risk Management & Corporate Governance: report

    This paper portrays a picture of Corporate Governance in The United Kingdom, the United States of America and France in the banking sector being severely challenged in an extreme Financial Crisis that has seen household banking names run into trouble, some to fail and others to be taken into various degrees of national ownership. Corporate Governance is stretched to the extent that it is distressed and has been unable to cope with the

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  • 2-April-2009

    English, , 267kb

    Finance, competition and governance: Strategies to phase out emergency measures

    The OECD has been developing a response to the crisis that is holistic, looking atfinancial market issues, and the wide variety of factors that led to damaging incentive structures, as well as the requirements for broader macro and fiscal policies. The crisis has led to a variety of emergency financial measures such as loans, guarantees, and nationalisations. For financial markets, the focus is on exit strategies that are consistent

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  • 23-March-2009


    Employment and industrial relations - 2008 Annual Report on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

    This Annual Report provides an account of the actions adhering governments took over the 12 months to June 2008 to enhance the contribution of the Guidelines to the improved functioning of the global economy. It also highlights key findings of the High-Level OECD-ILO Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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