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  • 9-November-2009


    4th Middle East Corporate Governance Conference, 9-10 November 2009

    The OECD, in co-operation with the Hawkamah Institute of Corporate Governance, has organised its fourth annual conference on "Emerging Middle East Markets and the Corporate Governance Imperative" on 9-10 November 2009, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • 2-November-2009


    Conference on corporate responsibility in Asia: Why responsible business conduct matters

    Co-organised by OECD and ESCAP in Bangkok, this conference focused on OECD and Asian country responses to the main challenges in responsible business conduct, with a special focus on climate change, finance and education.

  • 14-October-2009


    The First Abu Dhabi Corporate Governance Conference, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 14 October 2009

    The first corporate governance conference organised by the Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance, part of the Abu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the OECD served to advance the discussions on corporate governance challenges and progress in the UAE, and in particular in Abu Dhabi.

  • 11-October-2009


    Task Force meeting on Corporate Governance of Banks in the MENA, 11 October 2009, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    On 11 October 2009, the Task Force gathered to discuss a revised version of the Policy Brief on Improving Corporate Governance of Banks in the Middle East and North Africa region.

  • 9-September-2009


    2009 OECD-Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance

    Participants at this meeting reviewed and evaluated the implementation of corporate governance standards and practices as a vital step to reinforcing market integrity in the Asian region.

  • 17-July-2009


    6th Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR), Bangkok, Thailand, 17-18 July 2009

    Held in Bangkok on 17-18 July 2009, this event focused on 'Asian Insolvency Reforms following the Global Financial Crisis: Policy Responses and Opportunities' with an emphasis on the review of progress made by the Asian governments in reform implementation and in-depth discussion on the policy options for insolvency reform.

  • 15-June-2009


    OECD Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility: Consumer empowerment and responsible business conduct

    The 2009 Roundtable on Corporate Responsiblity focused on the responsibilities of multinational companies toward consumers and how consumers can encourage multinational enterprises to live up to the recommendations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

  • 28-May-2009


    Reinforcing Financial Supervision and Regulation - Lessons from the Crisis, Beirut, Lebanon, 28-29 May, 2009

    The Union of Arab Banks, an umbrella organisation for banks operating across the MENA region, had organised a conference on “Reinforcing Financial Supervision and Regulation”, with support and participation of the OECD as well as other partner organisations such as the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), the Financial Services Volunteers Corps. (FSVC) and the World Union of

  • 27-May-2009


    Second meeting of the OECD Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Southern Africa

    This meeting took place on 27-28 May 2009 in Maputo, Mozambique and addressed a number of high priority issues for the region.

  • 26-May-2009


    Middle East and North Africa - Symposium on Insolvency and Creditor Rights

    This symposium brought together over 200 practitioners, regulators and industry participants to discuss the legal and regulatory insolvency frameworks and challenges of their application in the Middle East North Africa region.

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