Corporate governance

Corporate Governance in Asia


Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance

Established in 1999, the Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance serves as a regional forum for exchanging experiences and advancing the reform agenda on corporate governance while promoting awareness and use of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. Read more


OECD-Southeast Asia Corporate Governance Initiative

This initiative supports ASEAN capital market integration in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Viet Nam, benefitting from international experience, especially that of other Southeast Asian economies. Read more

Documents and links

The Evolving Role of Stock Exchanges in Asia (2018)

OECD Equity Markets Review: Asia 2017

Beneficial Ownership Disclosure in Asian Publicly Listed Companies (2017)

OECD Survey of Corporate Governance Frameworks in Asia (2017)

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership and Control in Listed Companies in Asia (2016)

Improving Corporate Governance in Indonesia - Policy Options and Regulatory Strategies for Tackling Backdoor Listings (2016)

SOEs in Asia: National Practices for Performance Evaluation and Management (2016)

Public Enforcement and Corporate Governance in Asia: Guidance and Good Practices (2014)

Improving Corporate Governance in India - Related Party Transactions and Minority Shareholder Protection (2014)

Brochure on corporate governance in Asia (2014)

Better Policies for Board Nomination and Election in Asia (2013)

Reform Priorities in Asia: Taking Corporate Governance to a Higher Level (2012)

Corporate Governance in Asia - Progress and Challenges (2011)

Policy Brief on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Asia (2010)

Guide on Fighting Abusive Related Party Transactions in Asia  (2009)

Asia: Overview of Corporate Governance Frameworks (2007)
- Tables on Corporate Governance Frameworks in Asia  [Japanese] (2007)

Implementing the White Paper on Corporate Governance in Asia (2006)

Policy Brief on Corporate Governance of Banks in Asia (2006)

White Paper on Corporate Governance in Asia (2003)

Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR)

OECD Equity Market Review of Asia

Stock exchanges in Asia have emerged as the world's fastest growing trading venues for listed stocks and several domestic investment banks in the region are becoming global actors. Launched in 2017, this annual review follows and analyses trends in Asian public equity markets.



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