Corporate governance principles

Sixth meeting of the Eurasia Corporate Governance Roundtable, Istanbul, Turkey


The Sixth Eurasia Corporate Governance Roundtable Meeting and the joint meeting of South East Europe and Eurasia Corporate Governance Roundtables were held in Istanbul on 15 and 16 February 2006.

The Eurasia meeting focused on stock-taking of recent developments and future reforms in the corporate governance reform process in Eurasia and enforcement through securities regulators and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The joint meeting of the two Roundtables focused on the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises and the corporate governance of banks, topics of great relevance to both regional Roundtables.

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) co-hosted the meetings which were organised in co-operation with the World Bank Group with the support of the Global Corporate Governance Forum and the Japanese Government.

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DAY 1: Joint Meeting Corporate Governance Roundtable South East Europe &  Eurasia


Session 1: Why is Good Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises Important?

Main Presentation:

Introduction to the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises
Mathilde Mesnard, Administrator, Corporate Affairs Division, OECD

Session 2: The State As A Shareholder

Main Presentation:

Corporate Governance of SOEs in Central Asia: A Comparative View
Cyril Lin, Managing Director, IFG Development Initiatives Ltd., United Kingdom


  • Olha Trypolska, Deputy Director, Association of Investment Business, Ukraine
    Russian  English version: forthcoming
  • Petra Alexandru, Executive Director, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Romania
  • Pawel Calski, Ministry of Finance, Poland

Session 3: Boards of State-Owned Enterprises

Main Presentation:

Distinctive Features of the Corporate Governance in SOEs
Thomas S. Geiran, Deputy Director, Department of Ownership, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Norway


Enrique Sanchez-Armass, Senior Corporate Governance Officer, IFC

Session 4: The Role of Banks in Corporate Governance

Main Presentation:

The Basel Committee's Guidance on Corporate Governance of Banks
Kirk Odegard, Member of Secretariat, Bank for International Settlements: presentation available on request


  • Moto Yufu, Principal Administrator, Outreach Unit for Financial Sector Reform, OECD
  • Armen Mathevosyan, Head of Internal Control Department, Bank Republic, Georgia
  • Kenneth Bertsch, Managing Director of Corporate Governance Analysis, Moody’s Investors Service, USA

DAY 2: 6th meeting of the Eurasian Corporate Governance Roundtable

Agenda (English)  (Russian forthcoming)

Opening Remarks: Eimon Ueda, Head, Outreach Unit for Financial Sector Reform, OECD

Session 1: Recent Developments and Future Reforms

Main Presentation:

Effective Disclosure and Redress in Eurasia. Where Do We Stand?
Gian Piero Cigna, Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Regional Presentations:

Session 2: Mechanisms for the Enforcement of Corporate Governance Rules

Main Presentation:

Henry Schiffman, Consultant to International Financial Institutions


  • Yerlan Balgarin, Managing Director, Centras Capital, Kazakhstan
  • Igor Belikov, General Director, Institute of Directors, Russian Federation

Session 3: Enforcement of Corporate Governance Rules - The Securities Regulators' and Judiaciary's Role

Main Presentation

Effective Enforcement in Insider Trading and Market Manipulation
Jens Fürhoff, Head of Department for Cross-Sectoral Affairs, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Germany


Ayush Bazar, Head of Finance and Investment Department, Securities and Exchange Commission, Mongolia

Session 4:Enforcement of Corporate Governance Rules – Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Main Presentation:

Alternative Dispute Resolution – How Effective Is It Likely to Be?
Alum Bati, Partner, Salans, and Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador, Azerbaijan


  • Natalia Galliamova, Vice-Chairman, International Court of Arbitration in affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Lada Busevac, Business Development Officer, PEP Southeast Europe, IFC
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