Corporate governance principles

First Corporate Governance Roundtable in Asia: March 1999


On 3-5 March 1999 in Seoul, the OECD, under the auspices of the Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members, organised a senior experts meeting on "Corporate Governance in Asia: A Comparative Perspective". The meeting was co-hosted by the Korean Development Institute (KDI) and the Korean government and was co-sponsored by the Japanese government and the World Bank. A debate developed around a set of country papers on corporate governance arrangements in the above countries and a set of substantive presentations by experts and consultants, including presentations by OECD, KDI and the World Bank experts.

The continuing relevance of corporate governance as one of the main factors in the 1997-98 crisis and as an area of major policy reform was underlined by all participants. Deputy Secretary General Joanna Shelton focused on the important role that the OECD Corporate Governance Principles are expected to play in the design of reforms and the international policy dialogue that would develop around them. Most of the countries declared their readiness to use the OECD Principles, as a main benchmark and a gauge of progress in the context of this dialogue.


Selected papers from this conference which reviewed recent changes in corporate governance practices prompted by the Asian financial crisis were published August 2001. The book can be browsed or purchased via the OECD online bookshop.




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