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  • 7-December-2017


    The 16th Meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Competition

    I am delighted to welcome leaders and experts in competition policy from so many different countries. This is one of the OECD’s most important Fora. Let me congratulate Frederic Jenny, the Chairman of the OECD Committee on Competition for keeping the OECD at the forefront of competition policy efforts.

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  • 9-January-2017


    Presentation of OECD reports on Competition Tribunals and on Freight Transport Regulation

    These are just a few of the main findings in these studies. I invite you to read them carefully and to participate actively in the discussions that will take place tomorrow at this Forum on Competition and Regulation. Your viewpoints and the ideas that will emerge from these debates will be yet another contribution to making Mexico more competitive on the basis of a more level playing field.

  • 15-April-2016


    Competition policy in developing countries: Helping markets perform better

    I am delighted to co-host this event on competition as a tool for helping markets to perform better. Today, I will share with you some of the highlights from the OECD’s joint work with the World Bank to promote effective competition policies in pursuit of stronger, more inclusive, economic growth.

  • 29-October-2015


    Opening of the 2015 Global Forum on Competition

    I am delighted to open this Global Forum on Competition, which every year brings together competition authorities from all over the world. In today’s world of persistent low growth, high unemployment, rising inequality, and eroding trust, this meeting serves as an opportunity to explore how competition policy can enhance productivity, promote job creation and stimulate much-needed inclusive growth.

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  • 7-January-2015


    Presentación del Informe de la OCDE sobre las prácticas de contratación pública de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad

    Es un placer estar aquí para presentar el informe de la OCDE sobre las prácticas de contratación pública de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). Este informe ha sido elaborado en colaboración con la Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica (CFCE) y el Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO), a quienes agradezco su apoyo y sus contribuciones.

  • 10-April-2014


    Global economy and growth strategies

    To achieve higher productivity growth, raise investment and foster job creation, we need to foster competition in our economies, said Angel Gurría in Washington.

  • 24-March-2014


    China Go Global

    Going abroad opens new markets for firms, and helps them to become more productive, innovative and ultimately more successful in their business. International investment is also the fuel that helps run the global economy’s engine. But these positive outcomes will only materialise if appropriate framework conditions are in place that allow all companies to compete in a fair and transparent manner, said OECD's Gurría in Beijing.

  • 28-February-2014


    Global Forum on Competition 2014 - Remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary General

    The Global Forum on Competition is a unique opportunity to bring together competition authorities from the developed and developing world to foster a rich and fruitful debate on how competition policy can enhance the performance of market economies, and contribute to improve overall well-being, and rebuild public trust.

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  • 11-February-2014


    Taxation and Competition Policy

    We need to fight distortions to competition that can arise from tax avoidance, just like we do from other forms of government intervention, such as regulation, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 27-November-2013


    Launch of the Competition Policy Assessment of Greece

    We know that Greece is undergoing a profound and painful economic adjustment, but we are convinced that continuing down the path of ambitious reform will ultimately see a return to robust, broad-based growth that will improve the well-being of all Greek citizens, said OECD Secretary-General.

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