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The 12th meeting of the OECD-IDB Latin American Competition Forum will be held in Motevideo, Uruguay on 16-17 September 2014.  Discussions will focus on Advocacy, Competition in the electricity markets, and Costa Rica's Competition Law & Policy. 



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The 2013 Latin American Forum hosted by Peru focused on Criteria for setting fines, Regional agreements and Unnanounced inspections in antitrust investigations.

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Session I . Peer Review of Costa Rica's Competition Law and Policy


Nine Latin American competition regimes have already been peer reviewed during our Forums. This time, we will examine Costa Rica's Competition Laws and Policy.


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Session II. Electricity Markets in Latin America: Regional Integration and Competition Issues

The energy sector continues to be of high interest for competition officials. This time the discussion will focus on competition issues in the electricity sector.  


>> Background documentation

      Call for contributions (Deadline for submissions: 21 August 2014) English | Español       


      Contribution from participants

     -- Colombia:  English | Español  (pdf)

     -- Chile (FNE): English | Español (pdf)

     -- Chile (TDLC): English | Español (pdf)


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Session III. Advocacy: Mainstreaming competition policy into the overall economic policy and government actions in Latin American and the Caribbean

Competition advocacy remains a central concern for competition enforcers in their dialogue with policy makers.  This discussion will focus on how competition policy principles are being used or mainstreamed in the overall economic policy architercture of countries in the region. 


>> Background documentation

      Call for contributions (Deadline for submissions: 21 August 2014)  English | Español 

      Background note by the IDB Secretariat  

      Paper by Luis Berenguer Fuster (Broseta Abogados, Madrid) English | Español 


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Final session. Evaluation and Proposals for Future Work