10th Meeting of the Latin American Competition Forum


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 18-19 September 2012



Session I. Competition and Poverty Reduction

Session II. Follow-up to the peer reviews of nine Latin American countries

Session III. Collusion and Corruption in Public Procurement

Session IV. Competitive Neutrality 

Opening session



Session I. Does Competition in Markets for Essential Goods and Services Reduce Poverty?  


This session explored the effects of competition enforcement on poverty reduction focusing on the impact of competition in markets for essential goods and services.


-- Call for Country Contributions [ English | Español ]


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-- Background Note [ English | Español ]



-- Brazil [ English | Español ]

-- Chile (TDLC) [ English | Español ]

-- Mexico [ English | Español ]

-- Peru [ English | Español ]

-- United States (FTC) [ English | Español ]


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DAC Guidelines on Poverty Reduction (2001)


Session II.  Follow-up to the peer reviews of nine Latin American countries         


Nine Latin American countries were previously peer reviewed by the OECD and IDB. A first follow-up of five country reviews was conducted in 2007. This session took stock of competition developments in all nine countries that have been peer reviewed, focusing on two themes:

  • the role of the competition agency in policy formation within government, and
  • selection and prioritisation of cases and non-case work.


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El Salvador





2007 Latin American Follow-up of peer reviews for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru


Session III. Improving Effective Public Procurement: Fighting Collusion and Corruption


This session explored the link between collusion and corruption in public procurement with a focus on experiences in Latin America.


-- Call for Country Contributions [ English | Español ]


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-- Background Note [ English | Español ]


>> Overview of OECD work on fighting bid rigging in public procurement

>> Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement



-- Chile (FNE) [ English | Español ]

-- Colombia [ English | Español ]

-- Ecuador [ English | Español ]

-- Mexico [ English | Español ]

-- Peru [ English | Español ]

-- Spain [ English | Español ]

-- United States (DOJ) [ English | Español ]


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Session IV. Competitive Neutrality

This session provided an overview of the OECD's recent report on Competitive Neutrality.


-- Questions for discussion [ English | Español ]

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Final session. Evaluation and Proposals for Future Work



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