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2010  Full set of documents (PDF) 

Full set of documents (PDF)

Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3

  • Ukraine - Peer review English / Ukranian
  • China: Challenges of transition for competition law and policy
  • Role of consumers in promoting pro-competitive reforms
  • Interface between competition and consumer policies
  • Economics of competition and consumer policies
  • High switching costs: A barrier to competition and a detriment to consumers
Full set of documents (PDF) 
2006  Full set of documents (PDF) 
  • Bringing competition into regulated sectors
  • Competition authorities and sectoral regulators
  • Turkey - Peer review
Full set of documents (PDF) 
  • Regulatory reform: Stock-taking of experience with reviews of competition law and policy in OECD countries
  • Challenges/Obstacles faced by competition authorities in achieving greater economic development through the promotion of competition
  • Enforcement against private anti-competitive conduct and economic development 
  • Russia - Peer review 
Full set of documents (PDF) 
  • Objectives of competition law and policy and optimal design of a competition agency
  • South Africa - Peer review
  • Competition policy in small economies 
Full set of documents (PDF) 
  • Competition policy, economic growth and development
  • Capacity building and technical assistance
  • International co-operation in merger and cartel cases
  • Information sharing and international co-operation
  • Cartel meeting tapes
Full set of documents (PDF) 
  • Economic reform: Roles and tools of competition
  • Instruments of co-operation
  • Hard core cartels
  • Merger review: Co-operation In transborder transactions
Full set of documents (PDF) 




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