Integrity scan of Tunisia



The Tunisian government has conducted a self-assessment, supported by the OECD, of its legal, administrative and economic framework regarding integrity and the fight against corruption. The Integrity Scan of Tunisia was presented to the Prime Minister of Tunisia by Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher at a launch event in Tunis on
21 June 2013.

Integrity scan of Tunisia English | français (pdf)

Integrity of Public Education in Tunisia (pdf)

Integrité de l'education publique en Tunisie (pdf)


This Integrity Scan was conducted within the framework of OECD-wide integrity and anti-corruption initiative CleanGovBiz.


For more information on the Tunisian Integrity Scan, please contact Mr Juan Yermo ( or Mr. Selim Guedouar (



  April Tunisian government announces decision to undertake an integrity scan at the Consultative meeting on the CleanGovBiz Toolkit for Integrity.
  June Official launch of the integrity scan by Minister Abderrahman Ladgham and OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher.
  Jul-Dec Self-assessment by the Tunisian administration of 13 integrity-related areas based on the OECD Toolkit for Integrity.
Analysis of the information provided and development of a first draft of the integrity scan by a multi-disciplinary team from the OECD.
April Public consultation on the draft integrity scan with civil society organisations in Tunis and subsequent discussion of the draft integrity scan at the 2013 Forum on Integrity.
May Publication of the final integrity scan during the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.
21 June Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher presents the integrity scan to the Prime Minister of Tunisia, together with an action plan for fighting corruption in Tunisia.





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