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The global crisis and its aftermath have seriously challenged the relationship between citizens and government. Efforts to strengthen public institutions need to be comprehensive and multi-faceted. In this context fostering transparency and integrity in the public sector and in its interactions with other stakeholders is essential to re-establish public trust in government and lay the foundations for long-term sustainable growth.

Promoting a culture of integrity requires coherent efforts to define expected standards of conduct, provide guidance and incentives, as well as monitor them in daily practice to ensure compliance. It also calls for pro-active efforts of governments to anticipate risks to integrity, identify sources of corruption and apply tailored countermeasures. Last but not least transparency is increasingly used as an instrument to foster accountability and control in relation to government functioning and processes to reinforce public trust.


Priority checklist

  1. Enabling environment - Do political leaders demonstrate high standards of propriety in the discharge of their official duties?
  2. Integrity standards - Do public officials know the fundamental values of the public service and standards of conduct to apply in their daily work?
  3. Risk mapping - Have risks to integrity been identified in key government activities and were countermeasures developed to manage these risks?
  4. Controls - Are effective internal control mechanisms in place and are they closely coordinated with external controls to avoid loopholes?
  5. Openness – Are mechanisms in place to enable civil society organisations, media and the wider public to scrutinise government actions?


 Download the Full text of the guidance  (pdf, 580KB)




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