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Inventory of OECD Integrity and Anti-Corruption Related Bodies, Instruments and Tools

(updated January 2016)

  Inventory of Data Cover  

Inventory of OECD Integrity and Anti-Corruption Related Data

(updated January 2016)

   Boosting integrity and fighting corruption at the OECD

Brochure describing the multiple domains where the OECD is engaged in fighting corruption and boosting integrity



Overview of the Initiative

Short promotional leaflet


Draft Toolkit for Integrity - 2014 Update

A compilation of priority policy measures in multiple domains and user-friendly guidance on their implementation

Version française 2012



The rationale for fighting corruption

This background brief outlines some of the compelling reasons for intensifying the fight against corruption


International conventions

Information about existing conventions and the role they play in fighting corruption



Integrity scans (pdf)

An outline of how integrity scans based on the  CleanGovBiz toolkit can help governments assess their legal, administrative and economic framework



Keynote speech at the Chatham House Conference on Combating Global Corruption

Access the video and transcript of the keynote speech by Secretary-General Angel Gurría at the Chatham House Conference on Combating Global Corruption held in London on 3 February 2014.


2013 OECD Idea Factory Session on (Re)Building Trust

Held on 28 May 2013 during the OECD Forum, this session explored the issue of trust and in particular discussed the implications in terms of society, relationships and future choices. This video captures the essence of the session and highlights some of the key messages. Download the session report (pdf)


Stepping up the fight against corruption

CleanGovBiz is part of an international push to intensify the fight against corruption and promote real change towards integrity.


Who pays the price for foreign bribery?

The OECD asks international anti-corruption experts why this crime is more harmful than many may realise, and how it can be stopped.



Opening address by Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher at the 15th IACC meeting, Brasília, 7-10 November 2012










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