Consultative meeting on the CleanGovBiz Toolkit for Integrity





13 April 2011 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris


All around the world citizens’ tolerance for unfairness and corruption is coming to an end. At the same time, the tight budget constraints imposed by the crisis are increasing pressure on governments and companies to use available resources more efficiently.


Responding to a global political momentum, CleanGovBiz an OECD-led initiative working with UNODC, the World Bank, the FATF, Transparency International, EITI, and other partners, supports governments, business and civil society in reinforcing the fight against corruption and improving integrity.


Since early 2011, experts from the OECD and partner organisations have been working together to assemble a “Toolkit for Integrity” that provides a unique resource for fighting corruption in multiple areas. A set of priority policy measures, user-friendly guidance on their implementation, examples of good practices and references to relevant existing tools has been developed for each policy area covered.


On 13 April 2012, the OECD brought together experts from the OECD, other international organisations, civil society, government and business to discuss the draft Toolkit for Integrity and consult on next steps for the CleanGovBiz initiative.


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